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Do you need a partner or service provider who can keep track of the complex IT world or do you want to implement an IT project? Then you have come to the right place! multitiv has a very pragmatic approach and will actively support you in all IT and software matters.

The real partner

multitiv is a reliable, holistic partner in many areas. We do not see ourselves as a cogwheel that requires a completely functioning set of other system partners. On the contrary, we offer solutions that work even if we don't have the right answer immediately. We develop innovative solutions for you as well as implement traditional projects. Unlike other providers, multitiv goes all out in complexity. With the best knowledge of how barrier-laden the transition of companies to new systems and ways of working is and how difficult it is to deal with agility in the various stages of change from waterfall-like traditional companies, we guide you through the jungle of challenges of IT, project management and innovation.

  • strategy consulting
  • IT infrastructure
  • IT security
  • software development
  • and even innovative projects with physics, biotechnology, IoT or similar.


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IT Projectmanagement

Whatever the project, there are always challenges in the structure, organisation and implementation of projects. With well-positioned, young and agile project managers, we can prepare you for the needs of your business tomorrow with the modern methods of today. Whether it's simply Kanban, a fundamentally new agile approach or a holistic, company-wide approach using the SAFe framework, we have a consultative and pragmatic get-it-done workforce in store to actively support you in key project management roles, whether it's project manager, consultant, product owner, project manager or PMO.

Strategy consulting

Often you already know exactly what you want to achieve. But how exactly do you approach it? Who is the right partner, which roles should be filled internally? Should certain parts be outsourced or supported with AI? Are individual solutions necessary or can one fall back on standard products? How do you implement these systems? What maintenance is involved and what are the costs? All these questions are not easy to answer and sometimes the right experts are not available in the company or are occupied with other important tasks. We analyse the situation together with you and look at options or even scenarios for your future success.

IT infrastructure

If you have sluggishly running systems that have no reliable uptimes or are slow and outdated, then we know the right way to bring them into a modern operating state using best practices. It is not uncommon for employees to have been frustrated for a long time because the technical resources are not sufficient and there is a feeling that they are being hindered rather than supported by the available IT. New servers, reliable backup systems, fast lines, an internal network, a modern intranet, remote access via VPN, multi-factor authentication, secure encryption, cloud computing or cloud databases, there is a long list of systems that are needed these days. With the right implementation, your day-to-day work can be easier and employee satisfaction can increase.

Software development

If you want to extend your existing software, add a few new modules or build a whole new product, we are a competent partner for you. From junior to senior, on-site to remote, we can provide you with software developers, project managers and leaders. Even complex software products that need to communicate efficiently and securely across network layers, we will find the way and implement it for you. You are welcome to accompany the project in an agile way and accompany us in a weekly to 4-weekly rhythm or you will receive status reports from us. Our experience ranges from healthcare to banking, from native consumer programmes or web applications to server software, data centre software to mobile apps. Work with us to develop all requirements down to the last detail using modern methods, or give us a clear goal and we will recommend the right approach.

Technology development

Multitiv's activities also extend beyond the world of IT and software. Also in innovative security products such as quantum encryption, physical surveillance with sensor technology, intelligent chat applications, new types of plant soil and fertiliser through the use of nanotechnology or sustainable systems for consumers or new hospital information systems (HIS).

Out fields of acitivty

See here the activities in young start-up companies that we have already driven forward with creative ideas and hands-on mentality:

  • PLUG & BYTE, Qcrypt AG
  • Clinet Platforms GmbH
  • Banking Makers
  • Smart Soil Technologies GmbH
  • Environmental points
  • Qman
  • Special industry experience
  • Banking
  • Health Care
  • Energy
  • Biotechnology
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Team

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    Physicist and entreprneur

    Philipp Hilbert

    Head of projects

    Mechanical engenuers

    Eva Shildu



    Vladimir Beliavski

    Head of Software development



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